Shower gel “Black Cherry” against dry skin.

Contains oils and extracts:
volume: 250 ml.

- cherry extract;
- Japanese camellia flower extract;
- lavender extract;
- thyme extract;
- clove extract;
- Litsea cubeba oil;
- rosemary oil;
- macadamia oil;
- castor oil.
Discover the magic of harmony with nature!

Discover the magic of harmony with nature! With Califfornia's blueberry, grapefruit, black cherry and mint shower gel, you'll immerse yourself in an aromatic adventure that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and luxurious. A unique formula based on natural ingredients saves the skin from dryness and helps maintain its youth and elasticity. Such a shower will become your daily ritual of relaxation and vigor, enveloping you in softness and freshness. ✨ Try it and feel like a real shower queen! 👑Meet a new level of care with California!”